Our God Is An Awesome God

I heard Billy Graham say on more than one occasion that “a sin is any thought or action that falls short of God’s will.” God is perfect, and anything we do that falls short of His perfection is sin. The Bible is God’s word to us. It’s our instruction manual for living life as God would have us too live while we’re here on Earth.

All the pain and suffering I’ve ever experienced was due to a sinful nature. When I ignore what God wants me to do; when I’m not right with God, he doesn’t listen to my prayers. It’s not that He doesn’t listen—since He is God who knows all, is always present, sees all, and is all-powerful. When I am right with God, He listens and answers.

That’s a tough pill to swallow—the not getting an answer part… It’s like pleading, “Hey God, I asked you to help my mother who’s sick…” and she got sicker. Or I prayed, “God, I’ve got so many troubles and can’t bear to deal with all of them…” and they continue to pile up. When that happens, you feel like God doesn’t listen, but he listens.

God Answers When You’re Right With Him

When I read His Word, talk to Him through Prayer, fellowship with other like-minded people, strengthen my daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute walk with Jesus, when I love God with all my heart, body, mind, and soul; and love my neighbors too; when I pour my heart out to God that I am but a wretched man unworthy of His Grace, I can feel God’s antennae receiving my message and He listens. He listens and he responds.

The most effective wireless communications protocol every developed is prayer.

God never says no to prayers when asked by someone who is in the right place with Him.

  • He might say yes right away.
  • He might say, yes, but later.
  • Or, he might say, and I don’t think some people will like this one, but he might say “I have a better plan for you…”

If I can’t quote God’s word, or at least use my layman’s understanding of God’s word, and try to paraphrase His word, using my vastly limited and extremely childlike understanding of HIS Awesomeness, how do I know my message is in accordance with His message? The answer is, if I’m being driven by His spirit, He will use me as a vehicle, a messenger of sorts, to deliver His message to another one His children. God works in mysterious ways.

God Loves His Children

After all, God loves all His children and wants them to LOVE and WORSHIP HIM above all things. If I’m not walking the walk with Jesus through scripture, talking that talk with God through prayer, and listening to His voice through the Holy Spirit, then I’m not living my life on HIS terms

When I’m not on HIS terms, HE doesn’t listen; HE doesn’t answer. I cannot blame God for that. I have to take personal responsibility. God’s message is this (and many of you may already know this) but there could be someone reading this post that does not know; and how do I know that God is not using me right now to reach them. I believe he is or I wouldn’t be moved to write this message.

God’s Message On Using Scripture

God’s message is this (which many of you may already know):

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.  (2 Timothy 3:16)

That’s God’s instruction to us. 

I’m no better than any of you—I’m no better than anyone. We all find ourselves in this sinful nature together. It’s only through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that we are cleansed before the eyes of God.

Our God Is An Awesome God

If you are in pain today, or if you need God to answer your prayers, I pray for you to find peace and comfort; and that God will remove the pain or ease the sorrow. I pray that you will become right with God so that He will listen to you; and answer your prayers. I know He wants too and I know He will—ON HIS TERMS—not ours. Our God is an awesome God. May God’s will be done. Amen!

God Never Says No