He Needs God In His Life

I’m calling for a prayer circle of twitter friends and blogger friends to pray for my nephew. He’s still young, but has found trouble at every turn of his transition into adulthood. The best thing I can say on his behalf at the moment is that God still loves him. He’s a deadbeat dad who says he wants to be in the life of his young son, although there’s not been much positive movement for the longest time on his part to achieve that goal. Only God know’s his true heart on the matter, but outwardly he appears more like he’d rather create disruption for the mother of his son and her husband (who by all appearances seems to be a decent provider). I don’t know these people personally. I barely know my nephew; I know of him would be a more apt way to put it. I met him when he was a toddler. But he is my half-sister’s middle son. I feel a connection to him and I feel God calling on me for some sort of intercession.

He’s Crying Out For Help

I can’t disclose his name or location, or any personal details, but he’s in my prayers every day and night, and I’ve told him that. I’ve witnessed to him on a regular basis for several days. I can see the beginnings of him starting to question himself about how and why he’s ended up where he’s at in life; and he’s now asking what he can do to restore a relationship with his son. He’s questioning his drug use; and how it has ruined his relationships and job opportunities. He’s openly asking, hoping, and wishing for something to change his life. He’s openly wishing for a new chance in life.

Please Pray For Him

The Holy Spirit is drawing him near. I’ve spoken to him about establishing a prayerful relationship with God. Please pray for this young man that he answers God’s call and accepts Christ. He needs God’s loving kindness to direct his journey. I pray he gets down on his knees and seeks God’s forgiveness. I’m encouraging him to find a local paster who can provide him with some spiritual guidance in person, face to face; and who can point him to any local resources he might need to get back on his feet. God, you are an Almighty God, please work a miracle on this young man. I pray in Jesus name Your will be done. Amen!

Seek and ye shall find