Invite Neighbor To Breakfast

When I arose this morning I felt a nudge to have breakfast at Gus’s.  I wanted to see if Truman’s gang of World War II veterans and their spouses were meeting there for their Thursday morning breakfast. Today, I called my neighbor to invite him along—my treat was the plan. I sent him a text message because when I dialed him I rolled straight to voicemail. I’m not a big fan of voicemail, unless you’re calling me, then please leave one I’ll call right back. Pay no attention that my incoming call message is generically canned and unpersonalized, I don’t even use my own voice, name, or phone number. If I don’t have you in my contact list, I typically won’t answer; I punt you to voice mail. I don’t see anything wrong with that, it’s a call screening technique. There’s so much spam phone calls these days, I’d much prefer to start with a simple text message. If typing you a text message with my thumbs becomes overly cumbersome, or visa versa, one of us can push the dial button so we can talk. So, he texted me right back and said, “rain check” he’s already got an appointment to re-qualify on the range. He’s a former US Marine and retired policeman, so it’s natural for him to want to keep current with his #2A skills and certification.

Breakfast At Gus’s

I go it alone to Gus’s for breakfast, hopeful that Truman and his gang are there. I arrive. No Truman, but sure enough, 5 of them are seated at the table right next to me. Did God set up this meeting or what! I bid my good mornings to them and inquire about Truman. I’m told he wouldn’t make it this morning. One of the men remembered my name. I commended him on his excellent memory. I didn’t know any of their names. Last time Truman was the only one who introduced himself. This time I got all of their names—I won’t forget them either. If you’re familiar with name popularity by birth year or decade, you’d recognize right away these names fit their generation. I commented that last time I was so enthralled with Truman’s 90th birthday celebration, I forget to tell him that he and my wife both shared the same birthday. Their eyes lit up. You could see and hear the quite chatter amongst them. Give my regards to Truman and relay to him my story, I begged them.

The restaurant was more crowded that last week. I got my breakfast: country fried steak, eggs, hash browns, and pancakes; with good strong coffee. I bow my head and say a quick prayer. The food was much better than last week; I told my waitress how good it was. She was the same waitress who served me last time. She thanked me with a big smile for letting her know. The place was packed and crowded. There were 3 waitstaff. I served myself coffee a few times and I didn’t mind. I felt like part of the team.

Pay The Bill

After I finished my meal the bill was set on my table as it’s customarily done. I sat there for a while, finished my coffee and some water. I was thinking about last time. Last time, as I paid at the register, I put an extra $20 bill toward Truman’s birthday breakfast and the table of nine; along with a generous tip for my meal. This time I put a $20 bill on top of the bill and placed my empty coffee cup on top of that. I thought I was being generous. I wanted to do something nice for my waitress. It was quieter now, about half full. Just so you know, I’m a half-full kind of person. Take the water glass for example. How can a glass of water be half-empty? Doesn’t empty mean there’s nothing? Nothing, none, zero, zilch?  So, half-empty is half of zero. 1/2 times zero is zero [0.5 x 0 = 0]. So half-empty is a non-sensensical term. Half-full has meaning. Okay, enough already with the half-talk… But we do want to be filled full with Jesus and His love for us.

As I was about to get up, I watched my waitress  who was in the midst of telling my new friends that another patron had paid for their tab, for the entire table. Their breakfast was gratis due to an anonymous benefactor who was paying his or her tribute to the seniors at that table. I had a sudden feeling of guilt. I felt a little shame on the inside. One thing came to mind. Last week I left a $20 bill to cover the bill for one of them. Now, there’s someone covering the bill for the entire table; the entire party. Was I being cheap? Was I being stingy with the good fortune God has brought to me? That parting thought stuck with me. I felt I needed to share it with others. It’s something that I will prayerfully consider.

Bid My Farewells

As I got up to leave, I stopped, and once again offered my gratitude to the World War II veterans’ and their spouses this time. I applauded them for being our nation’s greatest generation, who saved the world from a tyrant, and who put a man on the moon. One of the men offered his thanks to each generation who’ve made their own contributions. I jested to him that the biggest contribution the current generation has made is the creation of a new bathroom sign to which they chuckled. I insisted their generation is a national treasure and that I love and honor them for their service; and as God’s children. I shared my belief in Jesus Christ with them. I made them a promise that God loves and blesses them too.

God Is Always Teaching Us

God is always teaching me new lessons and reminding me of the earlier ones when I forget. God wants us to give freely with our time, talent, and money. He wants us to be generous in all areas of our life, our walk with Jesus. There are many ways we can do this. Be generous with our love for God. Be generous with our love for our neighbor. Share the Good News, the gift of salvation with others. Look to God and He will give us answers. When we fall short of God’s expectations and neglect to do His will, He will let us know. Are you attentive to what God is telling you? Every day I’m trying harder to bend my will to that of our Almighty Lord, our Almighty and Loving God, so that I might be better at doing His Will, in Jesus name. Amen!

Seek and ye shall find